Social Media for DJ's: It's more than just cool pics

Have you ever been on top DJ's handle and just seen the most epic picture of them playing to thousands of people and everyone has their hands in the air? You think to yourself--HOW CAN THAT BE ME?? In the 21'st century, you have to have your socials buttoned up if you're looking to get the exposure and momentum to "make it" out of your local scene and into something bigger.

Is it weird? Sure. You stage the most epic pic, spend an unnecessary amount of time thinking of the most clever caption. You go back and edit the pic so it looks even more epic and then you post it.

Is it necessary. Absolutely. There is no quicker way for someone to get a feel for who you are and what you can offer than by jumping onto their socials and looking at the types of pictures they're posting and the way they talk in their caption. You also can if they're responding to others and what other people are saying to them--it's all out there for anyone to see and if you haven't FB-stalked someone, then you're in a league of your own.

With this in mind, you have to be very conscious of what you are posting and what vibe your'e putting out there. As an example, if you make a (negative) political post on your DJ page, you can pretty much cut out 50% of the potential people out there that would hire you. If you're ok with that, then kudos to you. Me personally, I want to work and if that means me suppressing the urge to post a political meme that is funny--you don't post it.

The reason your investing time into your social media profiles is twofold: you're documenting the different experiences you're having which is great, but the reality is that you're posting to showcase yourself and your talents and to show that you're a busy, working professional. That being said, all of this comes together to form this crazy algorithm of how you're going to get more gigs. More followers might get you more attention and additional followers but don't let that be your focus point. Someone with 250 "real" followers and real engagement will be better off than someone with 2,500 followers with no engagement. Promoters will see through this and don't get hung up on this number.


How do you feel when a real person reaches out directly to you on #instagram or #facebook or comments on one of your posts? There is a sense of satisfaction that comes out of this and realize that brands feel the same way when you engage with them. Comment on the brands posts that you like, engage with them and show them you're interested. These brands are looking for validation the same way you are as a DJ but the bigger picture here is that this is your gateway.

Pay attention when I say this: your objective as a DJ when you are engaging with a brand or event you want to be a part of is to find the decision maker. The person who is making the posts of these companies or events that you are seeing are your gatekeeper. They can get you to the person you want to talk to so realize that and take advantage of this. You think 10-15 years ago or even shorter you could send a direct message to a company? No way. Go back even further and I couldn't even tell you how you could cold call a company that you wanted to network with: send them a fax?? lol.

DJ's have it now easier than ever to network and get more gigs and thats through using the power of social media.

I want to give a huge shout out to www.digitaldjtips.com who I have learned so much from and I still read articles from them multiple times a week. They put out a post on the "rule of 3rds" that I really liked and agree with. I think it's a great direction for DJ's as we are all looking to maximize our social media channels. They posted an infographic of how to balance your Facebook or Instagram page so it's not just a marquee of your events and will make your page look more interesting. You'll notice that engaging in other peoples posts is 1/3 of the equation. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in creating our own "perfect" post that we don't engage with others and in return, that just equates to less engagement on your own "perfect" posts.

I will do complete series on social media for DJ's in the near future, stay tuned! #djbeachkng

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